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One of the key moments at Nike Camp are the trainings. The internal competition has its basis in all we can develop during the weekly work. It is seven days very strong where there is a very special moment: playing next to your idols. Today we want to remember when Pedro Rodríguez, FC Barcelona and Chelsea FC player was in Nike Camp venues in Andorra.nnGreat track record
¿Can you imagine yourself training and play a football match with a Premier League striker? Pedro has been with us many time and he has always been a very close player with #nikecampplayers. Not always a world champion with Spain, Euro cup champion, 3 Champions League winner, 5 National Leagues, 2 World Clubs Cup and so on, trains with you. So it is a great opportunity to make your dream come true.nn

Leading Premier league, and scoring goals
After his exit from Barça, Pedro landed at Stamford Bridge with the aim of keep on his great seasons at Camp Nou. Last season participated in a total of 35 matches, where he scored 7 goals. Now, at Premier League 2016-2017, he has already scored 2 goals and played 7 games, and he is leading the league with Antonio Conte’s team, who standed out Pedro as “a player with excellent capacities” some days ago, perfect to adapt to 3-4-3 system. Very good news for a player who left great moments at Nike Camp. If you have not thought about your summer camp for next July yet… Quickly! We open registrations next December 1st. We explain everything here.




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