[:en]Sergio Llull, winner and MVP of the Copa del Rey[:]


The perfect season for our Nike Camp player Sergio Llull is on his way. This weekend has updated his track record with a new Copa del Rey, the fourth consecutive of Real Madrid. The player averaged more than 22 media points in all three matches, that together with rebounds and assists gave him 22 points, which were enough to put him at the top of the tournament. Have also to emphasise that it is the second MVP title of Llull in Copa del Rey, award that also has achieved in the Endesa League, Supercopa and Intercontinental Cup.n

14th trophy with the teamnSince joining the team in 2006, Llull has won 14 titles including four Endesa leagues, three Supercopa, five Copa del Rey, and a Euroleague in addition to the Intercontinental in 2015. A spectacular season that really attracts attention of NBA and returns to the rumours of the offers by Houston Rockets. At this time he has also become a player who keeps great memories on campus. And you? Still do not know the Nike Camp Basket? If you want to have the option of training with your idols, the inscriptions are open.




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