[:en]Sergio Gómez, the first visit at the Nike Camp 2018[:]


Sergio Gómez, a professional Borussia Dortmund player, has visited the Nike Camp on the first day full of activity in Andorra. From the first hour in the morning, Gómez has shared a journey full of practices and games with all the participants of the camp. nnThe visit of the player from Badalona to the three different stadiums (Federació, Encamp and Nacional) has shown the Nike Camp Players the progress that a young football player needs to go through to get to play at a professional level. nGómez has stated that Nike Camp is the perfect place for athletes to get to practice at a high level. The young player from Borussia Dortmund has also highlighted the big importance of humility value as a key element that will help the athletes to grow as good football players. nThe visit of this young player has been part of the first out of many activities and surprises that the Nike Camp participants will enjoy over the next few days.




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