[:en]Pau Gasol: the recordman comes back with Spurs[:]


Pau’s progress in NBA is closely related with the achievement of great records. The last one: overcome Clyde Drexler and become 49th in the list of players with most played minutes in the NBA. Drexler is between the 50 best players in history, being 10 times All Star and ring champion with Houston Rockets in 1995. Another achievement of an always Nike Camp player. If you have lived a summer camp with him you will know how Pau is, but if you have not yet, ¿what are you waiting for? We explain you how, keep reading.nnFourth “seven feet” of the historynMaybe names like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain or Vlade Divac are familiar to you if you are basketball fan. They are three names all basketball lovers have in mind. So, Pau also wanted to be part of them… and he has achieved it. In the match against Clippers he wrote his name in the list of players taller than 2,13m who have overpassed 35.000 assists in league, an amazing record for someone who do not stop surprising us. And yes, he has shared trainings and games with our #nikecampplayers too. ¿Can you imagine yourself and your friends playing a game with him? It was possible at Nike Camp, and now we want you to live this experience with world-class players.nn nLeader in the locker roomnValues are essential at Nike Camp. Apart from playing, having fun and giving us some of the funniest moments of the history in the camp, when we suggest “a quick match, the ones with shirt against the ones without”, Pau also has dedicated some words not only about leadership, but also about humbleness and persistence to succeed. And this is happening at San Antonio; just arrived, Sant Boi player is an idol, and a big part of the success of San Antonio is because of his sneakers… and also for his way of understanding basketball. A pleasure having Pau with us, despite his brother is not doing bad… ¿Do you know the latest news Marc has done with Grizzlies? We tell you here.




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