[:en]Nike Camp Pro and AC Scholarships, the first step dream big[:]


Many coaches describe an athlete professional career as a train that, with perseverance and a piece of luck, comes once in life. The Nike Camp Pro is the perfect exit door of which participants must take advantage of. At the end of the camp, two of the participants will obtain the opportunity to keep growing as athletes in the United States.nn

After a morning session of physical preparation, the Nike Camp Pro participants have received the visit of AC Scholarships, an agency that offers athletes the opportunity to obtain an athletic scholarship for an American University. Once the Nike Camp Pro ends, after two weeks of continuous learning and work, two participants of Pro level will receive 3000 euros grant that will give them the opportunity to enjoy an amazing experience. nSandro Trujillo, Nike Camp Pro manager, has highlighted that “offers like these ones help the players on their way to become formed football players and makes easier the way to achieve their dreams.” The Nike Camp Pro participants seemed very interested on the possibility to become student-athletes for an American university. nNowadays, it is very difficult for players to find an opportunity like this one. Specialized staff, amazing facilities and a professional environment are some of the characteristics that student – athletes enjoy while they are getting a degree in the United States. nThe English language is another strong reason why students might want to choose the United States as their destiny. Furthermore, living in a foreign country allows the students to experience and learn from new cultures. These new experiences are the ones that will allow them to grow not only as athletes or academically, but as persons.nOn the XIX Nike Camp Pro edition, the 32 participants have the unique opportunity to live a “professional” experience as athletes during the two weeks of practices. Andorra is just the beginning of a long but beautiful way. Someone said that to achieve things first you need to dream them. Nike Cam Pro helps athletes to dream.




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