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Nike Camp Experience is not only the time we spend at the field or at the court, but it is the 24h/day we spend in Andorra with our players. It is true that we spend most of the time improving our technique and thinking about football and basketball, but we also have time to practice many other activities which allow us to discover and realize about how beautiful our surroundings are. The fact that we chose Andorra is not a chance; this country, located in the Pyrenees, gives us both the perfect peace and facilities, apart from superb natural surroundings and landscapes. And that is how we want to use it with our players.n

Activities in the naturenIn the last editions we have visited the facilities of Vallnord and Naturlandia, both located in the best areas of Andorra. We have practiced many activities in one as much as the other, like archery, zip-line or kart races. Ski resorst become leasure areas during summer, when Nike Camp has the chance to use these facilities to let our players discover this amazing territory, where they will live during two months of camp.n

Dive in!nWater is another important factor at the camp. All groups visit the facilities of Serradellas many times, which is a perfect place where to relax before and after trainings. The venue allows us to enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains while Nike Camp players enjoy the pool right in the nature, in one of the most beautiful sports facilities of the country. Are you staying two weeks? While you wait for the new friends to come to the camp, you will have the chance to visit Caldea –one of the most important thermal centers- with the coaches and the rest of players who will live the full Nike Camp experience.nHave you registered yet? Here you have all the information to know more about the camp.n




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