[:en]Marc Gasol, invincible at NBA[:]


In the last weeks Marc Gasol is taking the lead in the best basketball league in the world. Last night Memphis Grizzlies won Hornets 105-90 and they certified a 5 matches winning streak, a good number which Nike Camp player has helped with very much. With Spurs, Golden State and Clippers in front, Marc’s team keeps in this increasing dynamic to playoffs, despite it is still a lot to do. n nBuzzer beats, triple-double and the victory against ClippersnThere are probably a lot of summer basketball camps, but in few you could train with NBA stars like Pau or Marc. If you want to improve your technique on the court, this is a very good option. Marc has always highlighted the hard work over all, so we have been able to see at Nike Camp, and that is why he surprises us week after week. In the last games, together with the winning streak, we have seen Sant Boi’s player beating the leaders of the conference, Clippers, and also Charlotte Hornets with a brilliant Marc and Grizzlies totally committed, who scored 69 points before the half time. Do not miss this opportunity… Train with the best.nnNew aim: Eurobasket
nLast year’s injury did not allow Marc to be with Spanish national team, but he has come back better than ever. So it shows an average of 17,2 points/match, 6 rebounds and 19 triples this season. Undoubtedly, Marc has come back to make history. ¿What about you? ¿Do you want to make history too? Train with the best players of the moment at Nike Camp Basket. Note the date: December 1st.




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