[:en]Marc Gasol, favourite for NBA AllStar 2017[:]


We have the best at Nike Camp, and Marc Gasol is doing an amazing season. Sant Boi’s center has been with us multiple times in the Camp, and now it looks he is going to be chosen to play the match of the year, that journey which all basketball lovers are glued to television to see the biggest show ever. The more than 170.000 votes Marc received let him take part of the list where players like Kevin Durant or Anthony Davies, among others, stand out.nnn nMarc’s amazing seasonnAll specialists in basketball affirm Marc is doing an extraordinary season with Grizzlies. From Nike Camp we have outlined some of his feats along this season and he still surprises us with his numbers. All in all, he is the leader of his team in scores per game, with 19,4 average, and he is also the first in blocks, with an average of 1,4 per game. In addition, he is in the top 3 in recoveries, assists and rebounds. A life insurance for Grizzlies which will may have reward in the form of AllStar.




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