[:en]Marc Gasol and Space Jam: same Slam Dunk[:]


Marc records keep being spectacular in NBA season. Leading in the main rankings of his team, and model in each Grizzlies’ game, Marc is on another level. Despite not being in the starting five of AllStar this year, our player does not lose sight of his goal, and shined again against Sacramento, pulling out his magic.n

 Image: Twitter @MarcGasol

Three-point shot “made in Jordan”nMemphis’ 33 made a record of his slam dunk in his Twitter account, immediately generating thousands of likes and retweets. If you take a look at the attached picture, even the whole audience seems to be the same; a film picture in which 23 and 33 becomes into one single. ¿Will Marc enter to the Coache’s Selection in AllStar? We do not know that, but we can surely say that he is going to keep giving us his Basketball cartoon.




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