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If there is a standing out name in the Nike Camp Basket’s stars –with his brother’s permission- this is Marc Gasol. Always close and friendly, happy to play with us and ready for any game with our camp players, Marc leaves behind his NBA superstar title to put on our t-shirt and give us unforgettable images which its protagonists will never forget. Well, our American ambassador is congratulated. In his birthday week, he did not only got a scoring record, 42 points against Raptors, but he also certified his participation in All Star of this season in the coaches selection.nn

Statistics of a true star

Marc Gasol’s NBA curriculum is well-known for everyone despite his hard beginning. The energy he gives off, and the mental strength he manages during the games are his secret weapon. Svetislav Pesic, his coach at Akasvayu Girona, said he is a versatile player, who can play in multiple different positions. He compared Marc to his brother Pau and he affirmed Marc was even better than his brother. Marc himself stopped any debate and comparison in 2013, when he was chosen as the best defender of the league, a title which only top players have achieved, like Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett or Kawhi Leonard. 2015 was when we were able to see Gasol brothers face to face in All Star; this year, Pau has celebrated this big achievement for his brother. The 33 will be in the court against the best of the league, and Nike Camp will be here to tell you.n




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