[:en]Guillem Vives, Víctor Claver and Pablo Aguilar make the kick-off for the Nike Camp Basketball 2018[:]


Valencia Basket guard, Guille Vives, FC Barcelona forward Víctor Claver and Herbalife Gran Canaria’s center Pablo Aguilar were the main stars during the first day of the Nike Camp Basketball 2018 in Andorra. From very early in the morning the three stars begin to share with the campers a day full of basketball, photos and autographs.n

The three players, whom have worn the Spanish colours, have given the best tips that a young player can receive in order to become a professional sportsman. There has also been place for some jokes at Comunal Lycee, Alay and Govern venues.nFor Claver “is very gratifying to visit a campus for the kids’ laughs, whom are enjoying and improving at the same day”. Vives has encouraged the participants to “enjoy with a unique experience and to built their own path with their coaches’ help”.  Aguilar has remarked “the multiculturalism of the Nike Camp Players, which enriches the sport and human level of the players”.

The visit of Vives, Claver and Aguilar to the Nike Camp is just the beginning of a week full of activities and surprises. The good basketball is located in Andorra these days.




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