[:en]From campus to soccer history[:]


“We arrived at the Nike Camp with six friends from Reus, we were very nervous … it was our first big football campus.” These could be your words, but they are Sergi’s. Maybe by the name do not fall … but if we say Sergi Roberto, player of the FC Barcelona squad, you know who we talk about.nnIn his passage through the campus, Sergi already left samples of his class, and the next thing remains for the history, entrance in the Masia and evolution until the right wing of the first team. But it has not been an easy road, as Sergi has always said on his return to the campus, it is always hard work, not surrender.n

nReus – Andorra – BarcelonaThere are values that are inseparable from football, and hard work is one of them. When he arrived here, Sergi was a player like the others, wanting to compete, play and enjoy football. Years later he has been the main protagonist of a comeback that has already becomes part of the story. A goal always dreamed, a goal that has been forging throughout the life of Sergi, traveling from the Nike Camp to the Camp Nou. Do you want to be the next to make history?




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