[:en]Ferrao and Javi Rodríguez, protagonists in the Champions’ Final Four[:]


Last weekend, Futsal Champions League Final Four was held in Prince Felipe de Zaragoza. Inter Movistar won for the fifth time in its history after beating Sporting de Portugal 2-5 in the final.nBeyond the success of Madrid’s team, we must talk about two Nike Camp’s “friends”.nnJavi Rodríguez, Nike Camp’s futsal director, finished in fourth position with his Hungarian Györi ETO. The Spanish coach regretted not having been able to fight more but confessed to feel “very proud of this group of players without whom we would not have been able to get here”. The success, despite not finishing on the podium, is remarkable.nOn the other hand, Ferrao (Nike Camp Player), finished in third position. FC Barcelona lost in the semifinals against Inter but beat Györi 7-1 in the clash for the 3rd place, where the Brazilian was the protagonist with 2 goals.




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