[:en]Deulofeu takes Dall’Ara and becomes a hero for AC Milan[:]


The Italian press is focused with Gerard Deulofeu. Riudarenes’ crack came to Calcio from Everton and in just a few weeks has made it seven, and had also conquered the side that has lived great afternoons of football in Italy. It was in the last match against Bologna where the seven overflowed, showed all his speed and certified the magic that many met him at the Nike Camp and in the fields of Spain and England. It jumped above the defender, made a nutmeg and gave the pass that gives the  1-0 with only 9 players in his team. The touch of quality that we had seen, again made his own.n
nLooking for his placenPerhaps the Premier is not the league that best fits the sprinter Deulofeu. In the Calcio has started in the right way, seducing the supporters of AC Milan, who after decades of good football is run out of stars, orphan of players that make them jump from the seat. Deulofeu’s chance is there, technical and fast, will try to return to the top the A.C. Milan.




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