[:en]Are you a goalkeeper? We were waiting for you[:]


We are aware that the goalkeeper position is very special. At Nike Camp we work the specific training in all positions … and also for the goalkeeper. Being a goalkeeper on campus is not just about coming to compete, it is coming to improve the individual technique. Here the goalkeeper is not the sparring of the training based on shots and controls. We have dynamic goalkeepers, your coaches, who in tomorrow’s sessions will be watching for your evolution, and will prepare you for the afternoon game, a global look at your skills under sticks.nnThe ultimate expression under sticksOn campus we have been fortunate to work with goalkeepers such as Víctor Valdés. In the specific training you will work positioning, blocking of ball, displacements and also the exit with the ball. A global view on the goalkeeper job that you can then apply in the field. Tracking during campus weeks will show how you work and your results. Do you want to be the hero of your team on the penalty shootout? Do you accept our challenge? We were waiting for you.n




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