[:en]Alexia, another star at the Nike Camp[:]


Alexia Putellas, a professional football player from FC Barcelona and the Spanish selection, has visited the Nike Camp on its third day of activity. Throughout the journey, Putellas has shared different practices and athletic advices with all camp participants. These activities have been realized in different fields: Ordino, Encamp, Nacional and Federació.n

The visit of the Catalan player, who participated in the Nike Camp when she was 12, has served the NikeCampPlayers to realize and learn what is the progress and accommodation process that a football player has to go through to get to play at a professional level. Furthermore, the female participants of this camp edition have had the chance to talk and discuss with Putellas about her football career. On this topic, the player has praised the fact that Nike Camp promotes and encourages the practice of women’s football.n Alexia’s visit has been the second presence of a professional football player at Nike Camp. Andorra’s experience has just begun.




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