[:en]8 months later, as important as always: great comeback by Llull[:]


Supporters, teammates … and even the rivals. Everyone was expecting this Wednesday Sergio Llull’s comeback. Eight months after the unfortunate injury with the Spanish national team, Llull dressed short again. And it was really in a demanding context: third game of the quarterfinals of Euroleague. And against Panathinaikos, one of the most physical teams in the competition.nnAnd Llull did not disappoint. He finished with 8 points, 6 of them in the last period with two triple keys at the buzzer that made Madrid fans crazy as he cried, with the anger of those who missed this adrenaline, that has already prepared.nUnbelievable, because it is not at all common to see a player scoring two baskets like this after being out for so long… and after a 0/5 in three-point shots during the match itself. But Llull is special. “I am very grateful to the fans, to my teammates, to the staff and to all those who have helped me to come back stronger. I have dreamed for many months this and it has been incredible”, admitted the ’23’ after the match.nA Nike Camp Player who returns to roar as always. Welcome back!




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