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Footballer’s day-to-day at the camp is exclusively designed to achieve improvements in technical, tactical and physical aspects. All coaches have the official coaching license, and you will not only play games but they are also going to challenge you in each training session.n nIndividual and group morning trainingIn football, individual training is as important as the group training. No matter if you are striker or the brain of the midfield, or even if you are the defender in charge of dribbling the ball from behind: we adapt the training to you. ¿Are you goalkeeper? This is your camp as well. We work in small groups to develop technical aspects, from how to shoot to how to support and getting away, as well as tackling or passing. The group aspect we work on is how to get away from the opponent, how to support, press and obviously group connection, one of the most important aspects, and you will see why.n

nRoad to the finalsMornings are focused on trainings and afternoons are focused on competition. The aim of these games is to apply the main contents we have been working on the training sessions. So here you can see the importance of group connection, since only the best can reach the final, a game we will play with all families and friends in the stadium; a very important moment that give us amazing reactions and memories. Do not let this opportunity get away, our challenge is ready: ¿Do you want to join us?n




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