[:en]Are you a futsal player? We’ve good news for you[:]


If you are futsal player and you love this sport, are the perfect candidate. If you are between 8 and 16 years and want to live a summer at the side of cracks, do not doubt it, are your campus. Nike Camp Futsal, of Javi’s hand Rodríguez and Carles’ experience, opens a first edition with more than twenty years working to the world of the summer campus and the formative sport.nnDo you know Javi Rodríguez? He’s your new coachn?Present Javi Rodríguez to the world of the futsal is always a privilege, and more if it will be our coach. If you decide for Nike Camp, Javi, with a selection of experienced specialists, will work your technical, tactical and your game. This does not happen all the days. Do you imagine training with a champion of the world, international with the Spanish national team and idol of teams like the Playas of Castellón or the FC Barcelona? Do it real and turn you into member of the team.nDiscovering Andorra n?Nike Camp is a summer campus established in Andorra with more than 20 editions realised successfully. We have worked with the football and the basketball, and now is the turn of the futsal, a sport that passionate us, and for what count with the best possible team. Do not let them explain it to you, discover it for you same. Turn you into #nikecampplayer. Here you have all the information.




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